Artistic Vision


Most often, my work focuses on nature, which, for me, always has a component of magic - an almost supernatural coming together in ways that surprise and amaze me. The colours, lines, shapes and play of light on flowers, trees, grasses and clouds capture my imagination. I see the intricacy of petals, the power of trees, the energy in the sky, and am driven to render the beauty of what I see and how I see it. 

Wandering through old cathedrals and architectural remnants of the past, I am haunted by the volume of human energy imbedded in the stones, and the visual history of hammer strikes and tool marks. And again, I want to document my immense respect for the devotion of generations to constructing magnificence.

Like artists of the past, I use a variety of materials and processes. There is room for watercolours, acrylics, pastels and crayons, inks and stains, sometimes combined and sometimes in their pure form. The subject matter inspires my choices; I am fascinated by mark making, and the feeling of applying wet paint to canvas. My process includes play and experimentation, each time allowing space for magic to insert itself and providing opportunities for me to learn and to reveal. I respond to what I see and what I want to share. 

There is joy in creation.